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Float flips the traditional candle on its head and adds a touch of class. Instead of burning from the top down, the candle submerged in water, burns from the bottom up and is automatically exstinguished when no wax is left. There are 3 beautiful candles to choose from, all equally impressive. Float would make an excellent gift or superb table decoration when you want to give your dinner parties the wow factor. To use Float simply fill the glass vessel with water to the level of the chromed metal candle guide. Float one of the unique mathmos candles in the water and light. (Normal household candles work too). The flame will stay in the same place as the candle reduces in size casting moving candlelight through water, glass and metal. Specification: * Made from hand blown glass * 4 Mathmoss candles included * Diameter at top 12.5 cm * Diameter at bottom 12.5 cm * Height 26 cm * Works with most household candles

delivery_period: 2 - 5 days

Price this gift - 33.95 GBP

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